Why Choose Managed Print Services?

Improved efficiency, productivity and time savings…

This quick guide is a great starting point for some of the great ways how managed print services can benefit your business. Time and money savings should be the key goal to your next managed print contract but understanding them can be a minefield.

Managed print services (MPS) are programmes offered by a range of print providers that manage all of your print and photocopier devices in one place. Reaping the benefits of this include taking the hassle out of repairs, management and not to mention the cost and time savings.

Cost Savings

Managed print services connect all of your devices onto one simple monitoring system which controls maintenance, per sheet printing costs and the cost of the infrastructure itself. Brother Business Solutions reported a case study which produced savings of over £34,000 per year by switching to a trusted MPS. Here at ManagedPrintCompare.com we expect to save you over 75% on your annual printing costs, on top of the time-saving involved. We do this by tailoring your needs to real businesses who have the same simple aim as us Рhelp businesses save and take the hassle out of your next managed print contract.

Carbon Footprint

It is reported that 50% of businesses endevour to complete a print and copy volume audit within the next year. With environmental pressures and CSR to bare in mind, companies are forever looking at new ways to reduce waste. Understanding the volume of printed pages which come out of your business is a great way to save money and reduce waste. To take the hassle out of managing such a mammoth project, this can all be managed by an annual managed print contract.

Device Management

Understanding the individual needs of each of the photocopiers in your business is a great way to further reduce costs and be more productive. Many companies over estimate the number of printers needed in their offices, when actually less infrastructure is often possible. Let ManagedPrintCompare.com take on board your needs through our comparison site, to see how many printers you actually need and which features are required for varying sectors of your business – you will be surprised with what you can save!


For more information on how to save on your next managed print contract and what to look out for, try out tried and tested comparison tool – it is just like GoCompare – but for your business printing needs!

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