What to look for when choosing a commercial photocopier

Improve Business Efficiency with a Modern Photocopier

Upgrading to a new digital commercial photocopier could be one of your best office decisions for 2019. Not only will a new environmentally friendly photocopier save you money in running costs, it will also increase efficiency by printing documents faster and reliably, decreasing time and waste. The changes have been achieved by replacing the traditional analogue electrostatic copying technologies with the equivalent of integrated digital scanners and laser (or in some cases ink-jet) printers. These new modern digital commercial photocopiers can only print at speeds of up to 100 pages a minute which is just staggering!

You might question the need for that speed, and if you business does not require speedy print jobs like this then you would be right to question it. But modern digital photocopier can benefit every business by offering a bypass to that frustrating office log jam when two people hit the print button at once.

What to Look out for When Choosing a Commercial Photocopier

When browsing the minefield of managed print options it can be easy to get led down the wrong path, devices range from around £200 to £18,000 with a huge range of varying features.

The most important aspect to look at when selecting an commercial photocopier or office printer is your requirements. Thereby, working out exactly what it is you need to use the copier for and matching these requirements to the perfect machine. Using managedprintcompare.com comparison site can help with this.

Use this check list of considerations to make when making your next managed print purchase:

  • price
  • technology
  • print quality
  • speed
  • usability
  • network capability
  • paper capacity
  • finishing tools
  • security
  • multiple paper trays
  • supplier

Decide of which of these is most important and the specification for your own business. For example, if you are a designing or printing business, finishing tools would be your number one priority when it comes to printing flyers or leaflets.

A large business may need to assess the network capabilities more than others. For example, do you have members of staff who would benefit from being able to print wirelessly, via phones or tablets. Do you supply hot desking and need multiple device capabilities at one time.

Once you have answered all these questions, choosing your supplier would be your final point of call, check out Managed Print Compares, printer page for some examples of high quality suppliers to choose from.