Why Lease a Photocopier

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Photocopier Leasing Benefits

An office photocopier is an integral part of business, they are used from the smallest of one man band business to multi million pound enterprises. Each with their own varying functions and requirements. A photocopier lease is suitable for all businesses, large and small. They allow businesses to spread the costs of purchasing a piece of equipment over the duration of use or over a number of months.

The main benefits of leasing an office photocopier over an outright purchase include:

  • Cost
    – most leasing contracts give you the freedom to tailor your payments to you business, based on your requirements and budgets.
  • Servicing
    – there is no need to worry about servicing and break downs with a photocopier lease. Lease agreements include regular servicing and maintenance checks included in the package, therefore no need to worry about additional costs throughout the year
  • Repairs
    – just like servicing any repairs, excluding deliberate damage are usually included in your lease agreement also. So if something was to go wrong, the leasing supplier would arrange a skilled engineer to fix the issue or replace the machine in no time.
  • Flexible
    – Usually photocoopier lease agreements come with no fixed end-date. Meaning you’re not tied into your contract ending sooner or later than you anticipate. Sometimes business changes meaning you may need to update your machine or keep it for longer than agreed, this is all possible with a flexible photocopier lease agreement.


What to Look Out For

When choosing your photocopier lease, there are a few things to look out for, see the Managed Print Compare checklist here.

Always ensure that your photocopier lease agreement includes a maintenance package that includes both parts and labour. Do not get caught out by paying additional bills when only labour is included in the agreement.

Consider adding toner refills into your contract, overall it usually works out cheaper and will mean you always have a fresh supply of high quality toner perfect for your photocopier.

At the end of the lease agreement you’ll usually have the option of purchasing the machine, returning it to the supplier, signing a new lease for the same copier or upgrading to a newer machine.

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