Space Saving Solutions for your Office

Office spaces come in all shapes and sizes. But in today’s fast paced business world, saving space and streamlining your work environment is never more important.

A clean and fresh workspace not only aids productivity but can also enhance employee mood and even loyalty. Feeling comfortable and welcome within your work space is vitally important to staff retention. The average employee spends 7-10 hours per day in their office. It makes complete sense to make that environment as pleasant and conducive to work as possible.

Keep it light

A light, bright environment will lift mood and help alleviate tiredness. Keep colours fresh, furniture minimalist and invest in great lighting.

Décor should be modern and fuss free giving the illusion of space. Use the space to your advantage. For example, office culture can be reinforced through great graphics and effective design. Using light coloured and modern furniture will help the space feel cleaner too.

Technology that works for you

In the not too distant past, technology would take up an incredible amount of space in most people’s office. Thankfully nowadays there are lots of space-saving options when it comes to office equipment.

Monitors can be wall mounted on movable arms so desk space can be multi functional. Hook the monitors up to a laptop and your desk can be cleared in seconds to make it available for non-computer based tasks. Push back the monitors, close up the laptop and you’re good to go.

Photocopier technology has come a long way too. Units are available in much more streamlined options with digital technology options to keep paper usage to a minimum. Documents can be scanned and emailed for example. Here at Managed Print Compare we have over 100 different machines to meet your office’s needs and space availability. There really is a photocopier for every space, so if space saving is on your agenda can definitely help.

Multifunctional spaces

Use your space effectively. Long gone are the days of dedicated meeting rooms or stuffy old boardrooms. For the very limited time they are used, the space is completely wasted. Modern work environments use open spaces or break out spaces for team meetings, clients meetings and rest spaces too.

For meetings or appraisals that require a degree of privacy, offices can be booked out while the occupant is out at meetings for example, or schedule meetings on neutral ground like a local business centre or café.


Keeping your space clean and clutter-free is key to creating a feeling of space. Prioritise cleanliness on a personal level and throughout the team. Set some time aside each week to have a little desk refresh or tackle the task as a team. Get rid of any dirty cups, unnecessary papers and clutter, give your desk and equipment a wipe over and freshen up your space. A five minute, Friday blast could become a ‘thing’ for you and the team.

Creating the space you need and making it work for you is nothing short of genius. All too often we see our work spaces as a necessity, but they should be seen as a luxury. After all, we spend a huge chunk of our week in them. Make them the very best they can be. A few small changes to equipment and clutter will make the world of difference.